Improper Input Validation

When software does not validate input properly, an attacker is able to craft the input in a form that is not expected by the rest of the application. This will lead to parts of the system receiving unintended input, which may result in altered control flow, arbitrary control of a resource, or arbitrary code execution.1

Challenges covered in this chapter

Challenge Difficulty
Follow the DRY principle while registering a user. :star:
Give a devastating zero-star feedback to the store. :star:
Get registered as admin user. :star::star::star:
Place an order that makes you rich. :star::star::star:
Upload a file larger than 100 kB. :star::star::star:
Upload a file that has no .pdf extension. :star::star::star:

Follow the DRY principle while registering a user

The DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Principle states:

Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.


  • The obvious repetition in the User Registration form is the Repeat Password field
  • Try to register with either an empty or different value in Repeat Password
  • You can solve this challenge by cleverly interacting with the UI or bypassing it altogether

Give a devastating zero-star feedback to the store

You might have realized that it is not possible to submit customer feedback on the Contact Us screen until you entered a comment and selected a star rating from 1 to 5. This challenge is about tricking the application into accepting a feedback with 0 stars.


  • Before you invest time bypassing the API, you might want to play around with the UI a bit

Get registered as admin user

The Juice Shop does not bother to separate administrative functionality into a deployment unit of its own. Instead, the cheapest solution was chosen by simply leaving then admin features in the web shop itself and (allegedly) demanding a higher level of access to use them.


  • Register as an ordinary user to learn what API endpoints are involved in this use case
  • Think of the simplest possible implementations of a distinction between regular users and administrators

Place an order that makes you rich

It is probably every web shop's nightmare that customers might figure out away to receive money instead of paying for their purchase.


  • You literally need to make the shop owe you any amount of money
  • Investigate the shopping basket closely to understand how it prevents you from creating orders that would fulfil the challenge

Upload a file larger than 100 kB

The Juice Shop offers its customers the chance to complain about an order that left them unsatisfied. One of the juice bottles might have leaked during transport or maybe the shipment was just two weeks late. To prove their claim, customers are supposed to attach their order confirmation document to the online complaint. To prevent abuse of this functionality, the application only allows file uploads of 100 kB or less.


  • First you should try to understand how the file upload is actually handled on the client and server side
  • With this understanding you need to find a "weak spot" in the right place and have to craft an exploit for it

Upload a file that has no .pdf extension

In addition to the maximum file size, the Juice Shop also verifies that the uploaded file is actually a PDF. All other file types are rejected.



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