Helping with translations

The user interface of OWASP Juice Shop is fully translated into several languages. For many more languages there is a partial translation available:

Language selection dropdown

As long as the original author is taking part in the project's maintenance, there will always be English and a complete German translation available. Everything beyond that depends on volunteer translators!


Juice Shop uses a Crowdin project to translate the project and perform reviews:

Crowdin is a Localization Management Platform that allows to crowdsource translations of mobile apps, web, desktop software and related assets. It is free for open source projects.1

How to participate?

  1. Create an account at Crowdin and log in.
  2. Visit the project invitation page
  3. Pick a language you would like to help translate the project into

    Crowdin project page

  4. In the Files tab select the listed source file en.json
  5. Pick an untranslated label (marked with a red box) and provide a translation
  6. That is all it takes!

In the background, Crowdin will use the dedicated l10n_develop Git branch to synchronize translations into the app/i18n/??.json language files where ?? is a language code (e.g. en or de).

Adding another language

If you do not find the language you would like to provide a translation for in the list, please contact the OWASP Juice Shop project leader or raise an issue on GitHub asking for the missing language. It will be added asap!

Translating directly via GitHub PR

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Translate the labels in the desired language-.json file in /app/i18n
  3. Commit, push and open a Pull Request
  4. Done!

If the language you would like to translate into is missing, just add a corresponding two-letter-ISO-code-.json file to the folder /app/i18n. It will be imported to Crowdin afterwards and added as a new language there as well.

The Crowdin process is the preferred way for the project to handle its translations as it comes with built-in review and approval options and is very easy to use. But of course it would be stupid of us to turn down a translation just because someone likes to edit JSON files manually more!


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